Quick Energy Tips for Busy People

When energy levels dip, try these simple tips to recharge your batteries. They’re quick, easy and will help you breeze through the most hectic day!
  1. Dry-brush your body before you step into the shower. This invigorates skin and sloughs off dead cells. Use a citrus-infused body wash. You will hum your way through the morning.
  2. Raise a (whole wheat) toast to breakfast! It gives you fiber, which regulates digestion and keeps energy levels up. Also, try to combine proteins and carbs for breakfast. Oatmeal, egg and fruit will get your engine chugging merrily.
  3. Keep rosemary essential oil handy. It’s one of the most energizing oils. If you sprinkle a few drops of it on a clean handkerchief and take a few deep breaths, you’ll feel instantly recharged.
  4. Sip green or white tea instead of coffee. They are low in caffeine, detoxify the body and leave you feeling genuinely refreshed.
  5. Craving carbs? Go ahead and enjoy them, but make sure you balance them with something that’s good for you. So, have your pasta, but do order a garden salad alongside.
  6. Try this simple exercise while sitting at your desk: Put your forearms on the table and rest your forehead on your hands. Breathe out fully. Breathe in again, easily, gently lifting up your head. Now exhale, tucking your chin and easing yourself back to arms on forehead. Repeat till you start feeling revitalized.

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